An architect, interior designer, light-planner, or design retailer? And are you looking for 3D files or price-lists from the following brands?

Ariake – Japanese furniture – Mirodomi, Saga, Japan

David Pompa – lighting – Mexico City, Mexico

Dry Studios – pure wood handcrafted pieces – Stockholm, Sweden

Nood Concrete – concrete bathroom basins & sinks, Australia

Zero Lighting – lighting – Pukeberg, Sweden

We can send you the 3D files and project prices you need. Simply chat with Laura in the below right corner, give her your name, surname and work-email address and you’ll receive the files right away.

And since you clearly have good design taste, please do send us your drawings, renders, and orders once you’ve made up your mind!

Ariake Saga Low Chair 3D model

Due to our suppliers’ legal framework and privacy rules we are required to only accept business e-mail addresses that allow us and our suppliers to verify your line of work. Therefore, when chatting with Laura, please send her your “work e-mail” to speed up the process. Thank you!

Are you looking for DWG, IGES, 3DS, Sketchup or Rhino files, then please mention it in the chat after answering Lauras questions. Some suppliers only have DWG, other only work with 3DS / Sketchup or IGES.