LES VRAIS found its origin in the lack of inspiration seen in so many places where people work, live, enjoy a drink or meal or simply sleep.

As we believe every minute counts, we create spaces in which we ‘d love to be, whatever the time. We love designs from true geniuses and honest people, made with quality materials, good lighting and no view-obstructing window-frames.

From the first insight in your dreams, your architects’ plan or a visit to the premises you just acquired until the moment you open the door of your ideal space, we provide you with furniture, lighting, made-to-measure work and even the windows.

We have a set of exclusive preferred partners we believe to have worthy solutions for all your hospitality-, corporate- or private- home projects. We combine these with designs & items from other brands per project.

Hospitality, corporate & private home design furniture by Stellar Works 

Work- and co-working-spaces, public and contract furniture by Swedish Mitab

Almost invisible window solutions by Swiss Vitrocsa

Design contract and private home lighting by Swedish ZERO Lighting

Made-to-measure work and general contracting with our partners at Design & Interior

Get in contact with us: info@lesvrais.com

For all project inquiries, simply call Sebastien at +32 472 72 64 40


010 - Fran Silvestre Arquitectos Valencia - España

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