Nood Co.

Nood Co is a well-known and award-winning design and manufacturing company. Their goal is to provide you with ethical and appealing concrete products that inspire a new sense of design independence.

As a result, you can focus on what you do best: design. A lot of work and products are based around the idea of sustainability, and what is better than that? Sustainability is the future, so why not start now? There are many talented and hardworking members present on the team. From designers to manufacturers.

The products are Italian designed and Australian made. The range of bathroom sinks was proudly designed by Matt Di Costa, co-owner of the Nood Co brand.

concrete basin nood co

Matt’s Italian heritage infiltrates each piece with its careful, contemporary consideration. A handmade process: Unique, authentic, and simple bliss.

If you ever find yourself in Western Australia be sure to check out their studio: Unit 7, 7 O’Malley Street Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017.

Nood co’s concrete basins have a sealing system like no other. The sealing system is paired with a dozen unique, water tolerating admixes makes sure that the surface of the concrete basin is secured against stain prevention and abrasion.

Because of the natural properties of Nood’s concrete, it does need a little bit more maintenance than ceramics or laminated products.

The manufacturing of concrete basins is an interesting and fascinating process. The following video will walk you through the entire process in detail all the way from making the concrete until the finished product, ready for shipping.

It does not take a lot of effort to maintain these basins and just concrete in general. Wash your basins with soap and water and a microfibre cloth. Abrasive ingredients, sponges, or chemical cleaners are to be avoided.

Each Nood Co basin comes with wax to maintain the shine of the basin. The wax does not improve the water tolerance of the basin. Think of it as more like polishing your basin. It is not a must to was the basin, but always a plus.