LES VRAIS wants to celebrate life.

We distribute design furniture & lighting from Stellar Works, Ariake, David Pompa, Zero Lighting and in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands exclusively and help our clients worldwide with their projects. Whether those are super small -but great- residential interiors or the grandest luxury hotels LES VRAIS always delivers the best and most beautiful unique pieces we select during our trips worldwide.


Ariake means “daybreak”, or the birth of a day. It means the start of a new beginning for two truly Japanese furniture producers Legnatec and Hirata Chair, companies that have been producing Japanese furniture, but only for the land of the rising sun. Until now. Under creative direction by Gabriel Tan from Singapore the production people from these two pearls of Japanese woodwork and traditional joints were asked to live and work together with designers from all over the world. And eat, drink, laugh, work, think and live together for 2 weeks in Japan. The production people didn’t want to change anything of their production techniques and obviously the designers didn’t want to change their ideas neither. Melting these views together result in beautifully honest and pure design pieces where the Japanese spirit is always in sight while finely tuned to meet our worldly esthetics.

Stellar Works

Stellar Works is all about Asian sensibility and timeless craft. Born out of the genius mind of Yuichiro Hori – now CEO at the Shanghai based brand- and creatively directed from day one by Lyndon Neri & Rosanna Hu (Neri&Hu), the design furniture company combines the East with our West. Stellar Works produces chairs designed by Shuwa Tei, Neri & Hu, OeO to name some Eastern designers, but also works with Yabu Pushelberg, Space Copenhagen, David Rockwell, Nick Graham to complete the circle of influences from around the world. Combining East with West only works if you also combine the Old with the New. Designs by Carlo Forcolini, Jens Risom and Vilhelm Wohlert blend so elegantly together with the new designs from Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou (Space Cph) and Glenn Pushelberg en George Yabu.

David Pompa

Zero Lighting