Marcante Testa

Since 2014 Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa have created a new design reality, Marcante-Testa. A studio oriented on architecture and design, as well as on business consulting for materials and furnishings. The atmospheres proposed by the pair aim at elegantly remake the multiple values of living. Being serious and fun, authentic and refined, having deep roots and loving the world: in this  way the duo combines independent lines according with strict rules in the composition. The Italian duo has done different projects for Ex.t.

The duo is famous for their sophisticated and radical projects. The stylistic feature of the two designers is the balance between opposites: the historical quotation and the contemporary sign, the precious and the artificial material, the seriousness of the composition and the unexpected improvisation. “The apparent contradiction is what makes a space vibrant and human”, they say. And in their dialectic laminate is always present.