Barro negro david pompa material

In the state of Oaxaca, the art of pottery is a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. The people who live in Oaxaca are all proficient in this craft. They often use Barro Negro. Barro Negro translates to black clay and can be recognized by its dark blue sheen and colour. As minimalist, simple, noble and glowing as it is, its connection to its ancient process is an art that will always amaze.

The clay carries all the traditions of the inhabitants of Oaxaca, representing craft in every step of the process.  The clay is created by combining cleaned earth with water. The black clay can either be poured into moulds or it can be handmoulded. They leave the clay in their moulds to rest for a bit and then it is set to dry. To prevent change in temperatures, they are put in insulated rooms. After the drying they get fired and smoked for a couple of hours using wood fires in underground pits. Making a form in black clay can take up to 20-30 days.  

Details of Barro Negro on the Can Large by David Pompa

The bottom of the Vitrif pendant by David Pompa is made of Barro Negro
barro negro materials