Cantera Blanca is a natural stone that is primarily quarried in Mexico. It is also the “white cantera” and is similar to Cantera Rossa (red cantera), but with a lighter color.

Due to its rapid cooling and solidification, It’often displays kinematic traces of flow, deformation, and vesicles that contain trapped gases.

Toba vocalcanica white stone

Cantera Blanca exists in various regions around the world. It is particularly abundant in certain areas of Mexico. In the state of Querétaro, Mexico. Cantera Blanca is a special material of construction and architecture due to its natural beauty, durability, and versatility. It has a soft and subtle white color with occasional grey and white tones.

The Cantera blanca can be polished or left in its natural, rustic state. This type of stone is commonly used for flooring, facades, columns, and ornamental elements in buildings, plazas, and churches throughout Querétaro and other parts of Mexico.

Details of the volcanic rock in its pure form

Many architecture in Mexican use, Cantera blanca, like the cathedrals, and haciendas since colonial times. Thanks to its extreme durability and aesthetic appeal, The color of the stone varies. Thus, the Blanca type found in Querétaro, a city known for its colonial architecture.

The process of extracting Cantera blanca begins with drilling the deposit and extracting the stone in a square or rectangular shape. The stone existe in various workshops, sculpted into different forms using traditional techniques such as chiseling and hammering.

The volcanic rock is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces due to its durability and resistance to weathering. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project and is an excellent option for those looking for a natural stone with a lighter tone.

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