David Pompa material

formed by a mix between dust and volcanic ash, Cantera Rosa is a volcanic rock. That is mined in Mexico and Central America. It is known for its texture, durability, softness and colour. This allows detailed carving and cutting in the stone.

Cantera Rosa can be found in several natural colours and tones. This is what is signature to the stone and makes it one of a kind. Peculiar to Cantera Rosa are the several tones and sizes of specks. Despite being a rock, the pink colour gives it a warm tone.

The rock is easy to work with and smooth and this makes it an easy stone to work with.  It absorbs air and humidity without suffering from expansion, this is what makes it so special.

The process of shaping the volcanic stone to its end state starts when the deposit is drilled, and the pieces are taken out in a square or rectangular shape. After that the rock gets sent to different workshops. There, the different pieces will be sculpted into several shapes and sizes. It is a tradition widely worked in handcraft workshops with chisel and hammer, The aesthetics of Cantera rosa and its signature textures and specks make it an attractive material for a craft tradition.

Cantera rosa david pompa materials
Details of the Ambra pendant
ambra floor cantera rosa david pompa
The specks in the rock of the Ambra floor
Cantera Rosa David Pompa
Details of the volcanic rock in its pure form
cantera rosa david pompa
cantera rosa david pompa material