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Concrete bathroom sink

Concrete is a natural material that gains character over time. The nature of the material makes every concrete piece unique because of the air bubbles and the ultra-fine patina. The material is made from a mixture of water, cement, and aggregate (usually sand, rock, or gravel) and the most commonly used man-made material. Concrete is a beautiful material to use in contemporary projects and suits any modern home or workspace. The material is low maintenance and very durable, and because of the over-time gained character, it is a material that can only be praised.

These basins have a sealing system like no other. That paired with a dozen unique, water tolerating admixes makes sure that the surface of the concrete basin is secured against stain prevention and abrasion. Because of the natural properties of Nood’s concrete, it does need a little bit more maintenance than ceramics or laminated products.

It is very important to closely follow the installation and maintenance process of these products. The videos contain instructions that guide you through the installation and care process of the basins.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to maintain these basins and just concrete in general. Wash your basins with soap and water and a microfibre cloth. Abrasive ingredients, sponges or chemical cleaners are to be avoided. Each Nood Co basin comes with wax to maintain the shine of the basin. The wax doesn’t improve the water tolerance of the basin, but think of it more like polishing your basin. It is not a must to was the basin, but always a plus.

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