copper david pompa materials

Copper is known for being a highly dynamic and native metal in applications and in use. It has soft malleable attributes and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. Therefore, copper is widely used in building materials. When the metal is freshly exposed, the pure copper surface reveals its widely known orange-red colour. It can be found in a directly usable metallic form in direct nature.  COpper is one of the first metals to be melted from its ore and cast into a shape. It is one of the first metals ever to be used by mankind.

The colour is lively, vibrant and unmistakable. It is the perfect choice for projects that are aesthetic. Copper is also known for being the “man’s eternal metal” because of its long-lasting attribute being gaining character and beauty over time through the surface that gets worn. This metal is known for being multifaceted, this is because of its shine, malleability, and its exceptional variety of finishes. This metal can have worn-in patina or shiny polish. It almost always becomes the accent when it is places next to materials that are more neutral in colour.

meta ochre copper david pompa
Copper details on the meta ochre by David Pompa

vitrif david pompa copper barro negro
Close-up of the material of David Pompa’s Vitrif pendant
ambra pendant david pompa