handblown glass david pompa materials
handblown glass materials

Every piece that we sell of handblown glass is handmade. The glass creates optical distortions on the surface. This is the materials charm and an integral part of the process. The texture in the glass are small bubbles that are created during the melting process. Within the liquid substances, the air gets trapped.

The texture and the bubbles work together to create a transparency that play with the light. This created new compositions of little reflections as well as a mirroring of the glass itself. All the little details in the hand blown glass gives it tons of character.

The art of hand blowing glass is carried out by skilled artisans. Handblown glass is made under very high temperatures that rise to around 1600°C. Glass melts around this temperature and the heat turns it into a crystalline substance that has a very bright orange tone.

The melted glass will be taken from the oven and will be shaped into a spherical shape on top of a steel sheet. The artisan blows at the end of the pipe to bring air into the molten glass. The glass gets blown into its final shape and is placed in a furnace afterwards to cool down for anywhere between a few hours up to a few days.

handblown glass trufa david pompa
Up-close of the Trufa pendant designed by David Pompa
cupallo wall handblown glass
Details of the glass on the Cupallo wall in the colour brass designed by David Pompa