handwoven pvc materials
handwoven pvc materials

Handwoven PVC appeared for the first time in the well-known Acapulco chair. The designer of the world-known chair remains unknown today. Weaving is a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years in the Mesoamerican culture and the Aztecs.

The art of weaving changed over the years and was further developed under Spanish colonization. But even though the art changed, the weaving techniques always remained the same. The open string construction was an opening for creating new pieces with the same metal structure, varying in form, size, composition, and use.

Modern PVC weaving is still done by hand today and it is used to ensure that the handwoven PVC will have a longer life span. Using modern materials combined with old traditions makes the pieces innovative and original.

The result are timeless pieces that are ideal for reinterpretation and reinvention. The spaces in between the metal and the cords can even be seen as a poetic balance between air and material. The nuances of past and the present all woven into a contemporary form that can fit in any interior.

david pompa materials caleta large
details of the material on the Caleta large in the colour sand
handwoven pvc materials david pompa caleta medium
Close-up of the material on the Caleta medium in the colour dark grey