hinoki material
kumiko cabinet in sumi ash and hinoki

Japanese cypres also known as Hinoki is a type of cypres that is native to Japan. It is a tree that has been loved by the Japanese through thousands of years of history. It is dry, strong, rot-resistant, easy to manage and has many benefits. This is why the Japanese mainly use this wood in furniture.

Hinoki is so durable that its durability can still increase up to 200 years, even after the wood is cut from the Japanese cypres. After the 200 years it slowly returns back to its original durability. It is said that the preservability and the durability from hinoki is considered to be the of the highest level on earth. This makes the wood a perfect fit for furniture like chairs, cupboards, cabinets and even more. The wood in furniture is often used for contemporary homes and work environments and the material gives of a beautiful atmosphere with its distinctive lemon aroma and beautiful luster.

Ariake is a Japanese furniture brand. To do its Japanese history justice, the Kumiko Cabinet, Kumiko Cabinet tall, Kumiko Cabinet low and the Dovetail stool from Staffan Holm are available in Hinoki wood.

dovetail stool in hinoki
The Dovetail Stool designed by Staffan Holm
Hinoki in the kumiko low cabinet
Kumiko Cabinet Low in sumi ash and Hinoki designed by Staffan Holm