Matteo Brioni natural clay colours originate in 14 different earths from different locations.

Matteo Brioni’s clay colours derive from the specific quarry soil extraction site and not from added natural or synthetic pigments. The lamellar structure of clay contributes to create surfaces characterized by the vibrance of the colour: Matteo Brioni earthen finishes colours will never appear flat and saturated and because clay colours depend on territories and they express all the qualities of their land of origin. They are deep and marry well with each other and with other materials.

When working with Matteo Brioni clays LES VRAIS customers can choose between a palette is composed by 14 different natural colours, and all the mixtures you can make from this as a Custom Colour. These are the 14 original colours directly from nature, without mixing them:

Earth is the most ancient of building materials. The history of earthen architecture corresponds with the origin of humanity. Earth as a building material is a compound of clay and natural aggregates, simply left to dry in the air , with no need for any fire. Local earths, mixed with water, have given shape to entire settlements built with different techniques like: pisé, in adobe, with structures in earth and wood, in blocks of compressed earth – naturally healthy and integrated with the surrounding context. Earth is a contemporary material: beautiful, hypoallergenic, versatile.

Matteo Brioni natural clay colours are the result of a meticulous pre-selection of clays and aggregates originating from various territories and blended together to obtain chromatic, tactile, and functional qualities that fit.