onyx material david pompa
onyx material david pompa

A chalcedony that has a variety of micro-crystalline quartz. This description is better known as onyx and is a special type of material. Onyx forms because of silica deposits within lava gas cavities. Therefore, the chalcedony has parallel stripes and unique bands giving it a relief with a verity of transparencies, tones, depths and colours. The colours are produced by oxides and are reflected in a range of colours that very from the lightest pink to apple green. The wide range in transparencies and opacities make every piece of Onyx a special and one, because it is rich in depths and shades. All these properties make it a beautiful, elegant and silky appearance.

This well-known material tolerates a higher polish than other common marbles and it’s opalescent colour gives a touch of elegance and sophistication when it is applied in any minimalist way. White Onyx brings a calm and neutral feeling to any space it is added into, letting the textures and transparencies be the accent variations.

onyx material david pompa
Lago 44 david pompa
Close-up of the material on the Lago 40 by David Pompa
material onyx david pompa
Lago 22 David Pompa onyx
The material shown on the Lago 22
Lago 44 by david pompa