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Rattan is a material often used for furniture. Indeed, it has several virtues defeating all other materials. It is resistant to temperature fluctuations, heat, cold and humidity. Moreover, it is so durable, that pieces of furniture become timeless.

Indonesia is home to 80% of the global source of rattan. The latter acts as a protector of the rainforest, as it grows around it. It is also an essential material as it absorbs CO2 and generates clean air and oxygen.

Furthermore, it is one of the fastest growing material, as it takes five to seven years for it to grow. But it is always harvested with respect toward the environment. Indeed, it is hand-picked, even for the highest vines, which can reach 100 meters.

It is important not to confuse rattan with bamboo. The latter is hollow and cannot be bent. As for the first one, it is solid and easily flexible, once steamed allowing it to have original shapes .

Sika-Design’s choice of material was thus obvious, and became the oldest manufacturer of furniture made out of rattan. Among the 600 kinds of this material, they use two of the best-quality types, called Tohiti and Manau.

Thanks to talented craftsmen, the beauty and quality of this special product are revealed in the furniture.

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