Saman wood
Saman wood

Caribbean, Mayan or Aztec walnut is better known under the name Saman wood. It grows in Mexico and central America and is known to be a tropical wood. It has been denominated as a sustainable wood since it has no major difficulty growing and spreading. Inspired by nature and committed to preserving the beauty of the wood, the manufacturer hand-select all the woods and process them. They honour the life of every tree and uncover the natural elegance of Saman wood all while turning it into characterful furniture.

The collaborations of David Pompa and their manufacturer both focus on emphasizing elegance and highlighting the aesthetic qualities of the material. The craftsmen enrich every piece with years of tradition and experience. The wood has a colour ranging from medium to light brown and hues between red, amber and orange. It has a medium luster and a uniform texture. This allows this material to take on a high natural polish.

Even though it is a mediumdense and heavy wood, it is an easy type of wood to work with. It is durable, strong and resistant to weather characteristics. It is used for a variety of things including docks because it works well against water and humidity. Saman wood is a special wood because of its fine texture with open grains when garnished. The texture manages to shine through when varnishing the wood. It is a beautiful material to look at, warm and rich in texture. The characteristics of the material are timeless, making it a perfect wood for a wide variety of projects.

amelia pendant in saman wood
wood details of the Amelia pendant by David Pompa
amelia black pendant
Close-up of the Amelia black pendant designed by David Pompa
saman wood materials