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Teak timber - Sika-Design - Les Vrais

Teak has several virtues, such as strength, water and insects resistance, and durability. This makes it the perfect wood for outdoor furniture or boat building, as its natural oils protect it.

This timber naturally comes from the south of Asia, but is also cultivated in countries in Africa, and the Caribbean.

Sika-Design works directly with the Indonesian government to protect the plantation and its exploitation, and to avoid cutting down trees that are too immature or too small. The result is teak of extraordinary quality used for unique furniture.

Teak table - Sika-Design - Les Vrais

As for the indoor teak, it is recycled from old houses, boats or railways. This gives a rustic look to the furniture.

Finally, Sika recycles also the residual materials into smaller products, to continue its sustainability and upcycling approach.

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