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36” Integrated refrigerator with French door

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36” Integrated refrigerator with French door by Signature Kitchen Suite – LES VRAIS

Convertible Drawer.

This special drawer can be a refrigerator, a freezer, or you can customise the temperature. The drawer can be set independently to one of 4 predefined temperatures: -1°C, ideal for meat and seafood; 1°C for cold drinks; 3°C deli fridge, 5°C chilled wine, adapting to your needs at all times. If you need more space, it can be set as a refrigerator or freezer, automatically taking the same temperature as the upper or lower compartments and increasing the capacity accordingly.


Integrated water and ice dispenser.

The cold water dispenser is integrated into the internal side wall, which is activated by pressing a lever directly with the glass. Simple and easy to use, the integrated dispenser does not take useful space from the refrigerator’s capacity. The appliances are also equipped with an automatic ice maker, with a capacity of up to 2.3 kg of ice cubes.


Two independent cooling systems.

The French door model is equipped with two Linear Inverter compressors, which ensure excellent performance, reliability and silence at the highest levels. Each compartment (refrigerator, freezer, convertible drawer) is managed electronically by a dedicated evaporator, to ensure maximum precision in terms of temperature management.


Induction LED lighting.

The intelligent True-ViewTM system offers a discreet and focused light on each shelf, never directed at the eyes of the person opening the refrigerator thanks to the magnetic induction operation. Each shelf has its own lighting and can be adjusted or removed as needed. Even the removable side inserts and the snack containers can be repositioned and removed for maximum flexibility of use.


Brilliant Interior.

The stainless steel interior not only looks better than plastic but also maintains a constant refrigeration temperature, keeping ingredients fresher for longer.


Panel-ready and customizable.

The Signature Kitchen 36” Integrated refrigerator with French door model is fully panel-ready, with all the same finishes and materials used in your kitchen. Consult the catalogue or website for all the technical details needed to create custom panels for your appliance. Alternatively, the stainless steel door kit is available as an optional accessory, featuring the Signature Kitchen Suite logo.


Lift and Go™ adjustable inserts.

Everything has its place, thanks to adjustable inserts and spacious drawers. The snack container can also be easily repositioned higher or lower, creating space for larger items such as serving trays, cake stands, pizza boxes, salad bowls, and bulky fruits and vegetables. The drawers are also well sealed, guaranteeing a controlled temperature and avoiding loss of moisture.


Smart ice cream.

The removable insert and the 2-star drawer (**) can store ice cream and food for short periods at a tem- perature between -12°C and -18°C. So if you want to bring your homemade ice cream to optimum eating temperature, without sudden temperature changes, you can take it out of the freezer and place it here.