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Multifunction Combination Steam Oven

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Multifunction Combination Steam Oven by Signature Kitchen Suite – LES VRAIS

Cooking with steam and hot air.

The combination of hot air and steam allows you to prepare any type of dish, soft or crispy. The APP and the programmed recipes will help you find your ideal combination. The steam comes from water in a tank that contains up to 1L of water. Thanks to the descaling and residual water drainage function, you are sure to always use only fresh water. The evaporation function then perfectly dries any residual condensation in the oven.


7” Colour LCD Touch Display.

All functions of the Multifunction Combination Steam Oven by Signature Kitchen Suite can be controlled through a colour touch display, with incredible definition. From here, you can check precisely how your oven is working at that moment: telescopic probe icon, child lock, demo mode, WI-FI, remote start. Everything is indicated with special icons. When the oven is in operation, the strip at the top of oven lights up red.


Steam for everyone.

Our ovens can regulate the intensity of the steam: 100% steam; steam assist, with standard hot air at 160°C but adjustable; Sous Vide cooking at low temperature (60°C); gourmet steam, with pre-set steam and hot air percentages based on the recipes programmed on the oven. Then in just 10 minutes the SpeedClean function will clean the oven independently, thanks to the use of steam and to the special internal enamel without the addition of chemical agents.


Handless automatic opening.

All ovens have handleless doors. An intelligent sensor recognises that an adult is nearby, at a distance that assumes a probable interaction with the appliance. A second sensor is then activated which, if touched, activates the soft opening of the door.


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Dimensions 58 cm