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True To Food Oven

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True To Food Oven by Signature Kitchen Suite – LES VRAIS

Steam Combi Cooking.

Traditional cooking, microwave and added steam. The compact Signature Kitchen Suite oven is designed for those situations when, even in a small space, you want to be as creative as possible in the kitchen. The Combi Steam Mode heats food gradually, using both the heat of the microwave and the moist heat of the steam. This function is especially suitable, for example, to heat up ready-made dishes or leftovers. Dishes are quickly restored to their original consistency.


Microwave Function.

The microwave has a progressive power from 100 W to 1000 W, with 10 selectable levels, including: bain marie (100 W), bring fruit to room temperature (200 W), defrosting seafood (400 W), cook ham or whole poultry (500 W), cook puddings and creams (600 W), cook eggs and melt chocolate (700 W), heat pasta and vegetables (900 W), up to boil water (1000 W). A level for each type of cooking. The pre-set recipes help to select the most suitable level.


Customisable volume and display brightness.

In this compact true to food oven, everything can be customised down to the smallest detail. For the display, the degree of brightness can also be set from 20% to 100%, with increments of 20%. The volume of the sound is also adjustable, as well as changing the reference system for weights and measures. Everything can be easily set via the 7” colour LCD touch display. This oven, like all the other products, perfectly matches the other appliances, to create a perfect suite.


Speed Clean.

This oven not only allows for simpler cooking, but makes cleaning easier too. The steam cleaning function allows for dirt to be easily removed.


Download icon.

This oven is also WI-FI ready and can be connected to the home network. The Download icon appears on the display when software updates or new recipes are available to download. This way, your oven, as well as your smart phone, will always be updated.


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Dimensions 58 cm