Dentology+ by Norm Architects

Project: Private Dental Clinic 
Year: 2021-2022

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Norm Architects Dentology+_1

Entering the new private dental clinic in Antwerp, Belgium, one senses an instant change in pace when the cityscape is replaced by a calming acoustic. As natural light filters through from the outside and highlights the subtle colors and rich textures of the carefully selected materials, the space feels warm and welcoming. Playing on the sensations and feelings that the selected materials evoke in us, the architecture is a comforting framework around its functions.
As our fast paced and modern lives demand ever more of our attention, so too does the need for calm, considerate moments of self-care – reflection becomes key. When working thoughtfully with architecture, we create the opportunity to redefine and reshape human perception and in turn work to create a space of urban refuge. At the core of redefining the dental experience is a sensibility, which identifies and acknowledges the role in which tactility, materiality, and light play in doing so – the interplay between these elements awakens the feelings central to how we experience space.

Norm Architects Dentology+_2

Dentology+ by Norm Architects, a project with Ariake Raft sofa