Fosbury & Sons AlbertStellar Works, David Pompa

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Project Designer: Going East

Product Designers: David Pompa, Space CPH

At the Albert, you’ll find a broad and welcoming ground floor lobby, more reminiscent of a jazz club than a reception, with its grand piano and in-house restaurant

albert II laan fosbury sons stellar works lounge chair dining armchair

Across this area, architectural elements, such as the black staircases or the dark bamboo wood surfaces, are given plenty of space and become functional design features.

albert II laan fosbury sons david pompa meta black

The interior breathes a ‘Brasil meets Wall Street’ atmosphere. Large vacant spaces and winding staircases form eye-catching features. Using dark bamboo wood, various plant species and high open spaces, the designers managed to create a real urban feel. The coworking space also has lots of space for cosy sitting areas throughout. This location ticks all the boxes with a cosy courtyard and roof terrace.

albert II laan fosbury sons david pompa meta black

A timeless pendant lamp made from volcanic rock and coated aluminium. Both materials of the Meta black formed into cylindrical shapes emphasize a smooth yet sharp aesthetics with a monochromatic palette of tones.

fosbury sons albert II laan stellar works lounge chair dining armchair

Made from stained ash, Rén’s chairs take this distinctly Nordic philosophy and incorporate craft techniques and aesthetic detail from the design traditions of Japan and China, resulting in a collection that, although inspired by a particular place and time, is both international and ageless in its scope. A perfect match with Fosbury & Sons Albert