GÅL Schmuck – Ariake

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Project Designers: Dani, Fabienne & Asa from Gål Schmuck

Product Designers: Shin Azumi, Gabriel Tan, Anderssen & Voll

This little authentic goldsmith studio creates handmade jewelry with gemstones from Switzerland.

Their focus is on traditional goldsmith craftsmanship, executed with materials from transparent and sustainable sources.
Only recycled precious metals, natural gold and gemstones found and processed in Switzerland are used.

This coat stand is a functional sculpture in a house. The construction elements are made of one type of timber in different lengths. As they are jointed together in different places with various angles and directions, the object changes its character according to the side where it is looked at.

The Saga stool is a generously proportioned lounge stool with a curved bent wood seat.

The defining character of this chest is the handle of the drawer, which is attached via a dovetail joint. The handles align vertically when all drawers are closed and form a single vertical column.

GÅL Schmuck Ariake