Mr Morris – Ariake

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Project Designer: Cheshire Architects

Product Designer: Gabriel Tan (Ariake Armchair)

An elegant space to be served, nourished and indulged. Focusing on hospitality ethics, and a cuisine inspired by cultural diversity using NZ products.

The versatility of the Ariake Chair by Gabriel Tan makes them highly compatible to a variety of interior spaces. Its form combines classical and new joinery details, and the seat can be woven with leather strap, canvas strap, paper chord, or covered with a leather seat pad or washable fabric seat pads.

Michael Meredith’s passion is to create a restaurant that truly represents his values and beliefs in hospitality. It is not only a business where he can express his creativity and showcase New Zealand’s incredible producers but also a platform to nurture and create opportunities within the hospitality family, and for the local community with social projects and support.

 Mr Morris is located in Britomart in what was previously Cafe Hanoi. The interiors have undergone a beautiful, light-paletted refresh by Cheshire Architects. They made oak the main point of the room, finished up with characterful brick and plaster. The 70-seat space features a variety of seating options for almost any group capacity. Visit with your family and be seeted in round booths, come on a date with the more intimate tables or just take place on the shoulder-to-shoulder bar stools. 

The products made by Ariake are inspired by the spirituality of Japanese culture and urban living contexts which is seen in the combination of handmade- and machine-created products.

Mr Morris – Ariake