Yes, it’s Salone! Find us in town and on the fair with Matteo Brioni, Sika, Signature Kitchen Suite and Ex.t

No better place than Milano to see and feel Matteo Brioni’s natural clays in their showroom in the city center but also on the walls, ceilings and sometimes floors of about 10+ shops in Milano. (click above image to see all locations)

We selected SIKA design after a 5 year search for an outdoor design furniture brand that can really withstand the wintery weather conditions of central- and-western europe. When we discovered SIKA makes 90% of their natural rattan collection as well in a beautifully hand-painted aluminium version and saw all iconic pieces…

LES VRAIS brought the absolute top range of kitchen electronics Signature Kitchen Suite to the Benelux and as brand ambassadors for this design+technology appliances we can invite 3 people to a VIP tasting experience with top-chef Eugenio Boer on Thursday-evening in the flaghsip store in town. 

In case you can’t come to Milan, we’d love to arrange a meeting with you and show you some samples of all our brands. Just drop us a line and we’ll arrange asap.