LES VRAIS design furniture and lighting

Life is worth celebrating.

Can you remember a moment when you saw something and were astonished by its beauty? The forms, materials, structure, interaction with light and shadows. All natural. Just by itself. Standing there triggering your attention and not asking for your respect. Priceless. Perfect. There. No marketing nor words needed. Nothing strong enough around to disturb this peace, this beauty. Keep it in front of your eyes. Hold it. Touch it. Preserve it. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. Repeat.

This moment is what we at LES VRAIS value the most. Because we believe that surrounding ourselves with the most wonderful people and superb design pieces makes life worth celebrating.

At LES VRAIS we believe every minute counts, so we love to help interior designers, architects, light planners and retailers with our selection of unique brands and see them become part of spaces in which we love to be, whatever the time. We love designs from true geniuses and honest people made with quality materials, craftsmanship and passion.

These values have no borders, as there is no East or West in a world where only true quality and craftmanship will exist next to an ugly mass. Our aim is to bring those objects to you and celebrate together.

 Mexican designer David Pompa looks at the elements around him and combines them into wonderful objects of light: rough local types of rock with mud, glass and metals.

Swedish ZERO Lighting makes technical lighting into design pieces with a very typical unique signature.

Italian bathroom furniture producer Ex-t was our long searched answer in finding top design combined with an impressive range of materials and sizes to avoid made-to-measure stress with contractors.  Nood Concrete makes concrete sinks, basins and cylinders with a beautiful colour palette mixed into concrete.

Signature Kitchen Suite and LG Signature is the Formula One of Korean LG bringing only their very best and newly patented top-notch technology to an area as old as human kind: the kitchen. Conserving what is good and making the best with what nature produces is a the core of this design kitchen electronic appliances brand. LG Signature brings the first rollable TV and makes the ugly black box go away. Something we’ve been waiting for all our lives.

 Ariake brought us an enormous feeling of peace seeing traditional Japanese joinery combined with a soft minimalist “scandi japandi” design mix.

Nood Concrete bathroom basins and sinks are 100% filled with the colour of your choosing.

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