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Rollable OLED TV by LG Signature – LES VRAIS

The world’s first and only rollable TV has arrived.

A revolutionary new experience

This groundbreaking technology not only reimagines what a TV is capable of, it revolutionizes the way you use your space.

A vision of the future

Out-of-this-world picture quality combined with our new extraordinary rollable technology lets you step into the future every time you use your TV.

All your dreams rolled into one

An ultra-thin screen rolls into a state-of-the-art sound system. This unbelievable display is only possible with OLED’s self-lit pixel technology.

SIGNATURE OLED R is a work of art fit for your luxury lifestyle, with a TV that appears when you need it and disappears when you don’t. The display rolls out to three different heights — each with a unique purpose, all with a stylish look that complements your space.

Everything you want, unlike anything you’ve seen

A truly unique design and unprecedented functionality make the LG SIGNATURE OLED R a sight to behold, whichever way you use it. Watch your favorite content in Full View mode, discreetly set the mood in Line View, or make the most of your space in Zero View.

Transform your space

Take LG SIGNATURE OLED R from chic speaker to premium TV when you roll out the screen to full view mode. Sharp picture, swift gaming, and smooth sports make your favorite content even more immersive. And LG ThinQ offers simple command of virtual assistants with natural voice recognition for more convenience and control.

SELF-LIT PiXELS make OLED unlike anything else

Self-lit pixels allow LG SIGNATURE OLED R to bend the rules of design with an ultra-slim, rollable display. Unlike LED TVs that are restricted by backlights, the self-luminous display technology also makes all the difference to your viewing experience, showcasing sharper pictures with extreme realism.