• indigo ash paperwood side table
  • summit and taio
  • White Ambra Toba Table
  • Palma Beige Ochre by David Pompa
  • Space Divider by DRY Studios Les Vrais
  • Ex.t_Plateau Bathtub right
  • Ex.t_Plateau Round basic beige
  • System 2
  • System n 1
  • Matteo-Brioni_1-Euro-House_Sambuca_1
  • Matteo-Brioni_Poliform-ADV-3
  • concrete sinks materials
  • vesl basin
  • Teak table - Sika-Design - Les Vrais
  • convex spotlight

LES VRAIS distributes various brands presented above, namely ARIAKE, DAVID POMPA, DRY STUDIO, EX.T, LG SIGNATURE, MATTEO BRIONI, NOOD CO., and ZERO LIGHTING.

Named after the Ariake Sea in Southern Japan, Ariake means “daybreak” in Japanese. It symbolizes a new chapter for two furniture companies, as they embark on this collaboration with international designers for the global market.

David Pompa
He creates unique lighting objects with a strong commitment to pure and honest materials and craftsmanship.

DRY Studio
It is a collective of warm-hearted artists/ artisans, handcrafting beautiful pieces of wood into simply wonderful objects. Some are “furnitures” as you see it, some are more pieces of art. Some are both. Actually when you see them, you never really know.

Those extraordinary bathrooms are designed by exploring new languages, or pursuing an idea of unconventional bathrooms, featuring no ordinary products for those who are always in search of something special.

IRIL Design Sound System, where every element has been thoughtfully engineered to capture the very essence of simplicity. The iril audio systems begin life in their lab in Copenhagen. Parts and technologies are carefully assessed and selected to fulfill this singular vision. Nothing superfluous is added, nothing necessary is removed. They also work with the materials of the earth.

Matteo Brioni
He carefully selects and mixes earths by a process that requires experience in building and an eye for the uniqueness of each territory. Healthy, pure and natural products, as well as pleasant to the touch, and able to sinuously adapt to any shape, are details that create its uniqueness.

Nood Co
It is a well-known and award-winning design and manufacturing company. Their goal is to provide you with ethical and appealing concrete products that inspire a new sense of design independence. 

LG Signature
They are embracing a new generation of forward-thinking cooks, combining their passion for food with their appreciation for innovation and luxury. 

Sika-Design is a family business created in 1942 in Denmark, specialised in furniture. Sika attaches great importance to craftsmanship, as it is one of the oldest manufacturers of rattan furniture, its preferred material. These quality furniture are designed to last and will delight your interiors and exteriors.

ZERO Lighting
The family-owned company manufactures traditionally both indoor and outdoor lighting products. Innovation, quality, attractiveness and durability have been the family’s watchwords since the very beginning.