DRY Studios wood logs
dried wood logs

DRY STUDIOS is a collective of warm-hearted artist / artisans handcrafting beautiful pieces of wood into simply wonderful objects. Some are “furniture” as you know it, some are more pieces of art. Some are both. Actually when you see them, you never really know.

For that reason we’ll start calling them DRY STUDIOS wooden furniture and art. Next to the wooden pieces in their Stockholm showroom, you’ll find the artworks of Jenny Kastell Tavassoli, Lehna Edwall and Johan Fredlund between some pieces of the Danish Frama.

OffSet Bench - DRY Studios
the OffSet Bench
DRY Studios Space Divider
The space divider
Indo Frame by DRYStudios
Indo Panels and cupboard

The DRY collective focuses on design, interiors, furniture, objects and
graphic prints and aims for a timeless expression with acontemporary approach. The team designs and produces interiors, furniture, items and graphic prints.
They develop from idea to finished product or interior.

DRY offers customization of some of our interior objects, and
is also a partner in creating new pieces on special requests or collaborations. All furniture pieces are manufactured by themselves locally in Stockholm. 

The combined workstudio and showroom is located at
Upplandsgatan 36, Stockholm. LES VRAIS met with Jenny and Johan in the beginning of 2020 and became an immediate fan right away.

Since that moment we distribute their pieces and share their work of art!