brass material

A metallic alloy made from copper and zinc is better known as brass. It has a smooth and hard surface. The material has a gold-like appearance; therefore, it is often used as decoration. It is durable and has a high workability which makes it the perfect material for diverse forms. Brass is often specially applied in the products of musical instruments.

It has a good resistance to corrosion and thanks to its effortless machining and manufacture, it is a standard alloy for accurate instruments like navigational aids, watches, and clocks. It is a strong and malleable metal with attractive and elegant reflections. The reflections like to play games of light and shadows on the gold-like surface in the most poetic way.

Brass is an accent to break up a neutral pallet within contemporary design applications. It gives a rich contrast when used in combination with several materials. Whether it has a shiny surface of a mat one, this metal will always make its warm presence known with its shine, character, its modesty, and its elegance. Brass is a material which honesty through its warm tones.

Brass details on the Amelia pendant by David Pompa
brass material cupallo pendant
up-close of the material on the cupallo pendant designed by David Pompa