whitened oak
skyladder shelf whitened oak

Whitened oak is a hardwood that comes from the oak trees that goes through a bleaching process to gain that whitened colour. Even though it takes up to 150 years before oak tree wood is used for construction, oak wood has been widely used as a hardwood timber for many years. In modern times, white oak is widely used in furniture making because of its longevity. The hard and smooth feel of the material always complements the furniture that has this type of material. This material looks good in contemporary home and workspaces that have a dark background.

This material is a durable, heavy, and strong type of wood that has a noticeable grain and a gorgeous, whitened colour. White oak has natural features like the variations and contrasts of the shine. It does not need heavy ornamentation.

Ariake Japanese furniture has products that have this material. All products that are tagged below are available in this specific material.

Shoji Screen in whitened Oak by Gabriel Tan for Ariake
Summit lounge chair by Norm Architects and the Taio coffee table both in the material.