Matteo Brioni

Matteo Brioni. Clay for architecture

Raw Earth. The material.

Matteo Brioni’s earth is carefully selected and mixed by a process that requires experience in building and an eye for the uniqueness of each territory. This process results in healthy products, pure and natural, pleasant to the touch, able to sinuously adapt to any shape: contemporary surfaces made with traditional techniques.

Red and black lava along Jokulsargrjifur volcano, Iceland

Natural colours. The mixture

The Matteo Brioni colours are obtained from mixing different clays, from different territories. Free from any type of pigment, natural or synthetic, they express the quality of their land of origin and their name evokes the invitation to nature. A palette of 14 colours, Matteo Brioni clay for architecture can be easily mixed or used in monochrome. It enables architects and interior designer to transform any space into an inviting, contemporary and warm natural place. It can be incorporated with other materials or used as a total look.

Clay quary. Matteo Brioni clay for architecture. LES VRAIS


The textures add tactile and perceptive dimensions to surfaces, through the addition of natural elements. Jute, wheat, hemp and rice add to the texture. Mica, mother of pearl, and hematite give the earth a light and brilliant reflection. Sodalite, onyx and quartz give the earth a used and worn appearance, simulating the passage of time charged with it’s long history, memories, and warmth.


Earth is the most ancient of building materials. The history architecture built with earth corresponds with the history of humanity. Earth as a building material is a compound of clay and natural aggregates, simply left to dry in the air, with no need for fire. Local earth, mixed with water, has given shape to entire settlements – built in pisé, in adobe, with structures in earth and wood, in blocks of compressed earth – naturally healthy and integrated with the surrounding context. Earth is a contemporary material: beautiful, hypo-allergenic and versatile. Matteo Brioni clay for architecture continues this ancient use of the world’s most simple material and turns it into a craft to be enjoyed in any space.