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24” Integrated Wine Cellar

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24” Integrated Wine Cellar by Signature Kitchen Suite – LES VRAIS

Separate temperature zones.

Our wine cellars offer 3 zones (61 cm model) or 2 zones (45cm model), adjustable for temperature and humidity. Each zone has a dedicated evaporator and dividing barriers that allow the different settings to be maintained to optimally store different wines at the same time: for example, non-vintage Champagne and sparkling wines (6°C -10°C), sweet white wines (6°C – 8°C) full-bodied white wines or light reds (10°C – 13°C), aged reds (13° – 18°C), vintage port (18°C – 20°C).


Natural wood and metal shelves.

Wine cellars have 10 shelves for storing wine, including 2 (61cm model) and 1 (45cm model) with support for display or inclined storage. They are made of natural beech wood, which helps to eliminate any odours or substances that could alter the preservation of the wine. The shelves have metal edges and slide smoothly on telescopic guides, to minimise stress on the bottles stored.


Smart Knock Door Technology.

The doors of the 24” Integrated Wine Cellar are equipped with Smart Knock. By knocking twice on the glass, the lighting inside the device is automatically activated, making the bottle labels visible. It is possible to choose the right wine for your occasion without opening the door and, therefore, without compromising the preservation of wines or energy efficiency.


Adjustable lighting and with presentation mode.

It is possible to activate the Presentation Light mode, which leaves the lighting always on even with the door closed. The lighting of our wine cellars can then be adjusted to different levels for each individual area: light, medium, high, depending on your needs and also through the Signature Kitchen Suite app.