8.282,558.576,12 VAT incl.

Made in Italy

Materials LivingTec, black painted Metal, black & dark pink Wood

Dimensions l.145, h.57, w.75

dimension beam
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Ex.t – Beam bathtub – LES VRAIS

The Beam joins the new products of Ex.t. The Sans Nom and Salaris studios designed this compact, comfortable yet spacious bathtub.

Beam bathtub, bathroom - Ex.t - LES VRAIS

Beam – Ex.t – LES VRAIS

The entire character of the bath rests on its base. In fact, it is the key design element, without which nothing would give the same impression.

Although it is made of strict lines, inspired by metal architectural profiles, it embraces the generous, soft shapes of the LivingTec body.

Beside the overall visual appeal, the design of the base means that the technical elements of Beam can be hidden.

Lateral Beam bathtub, white background - Ex.t - LES VRAIS

Beam bathtub curated - Ex.t - LES VRAIS

Each material is chosen with intelligence and taste. The innovative finishes reflect it also.

The result is an exceptional bath that can easily adapt to any type of bathroom.

In fact, it will look equally impressive against a wall or in the centre of the room!

Zoom on Beam's tray - Ex.t - LES VRAIS

The metallic tray stands as practical support to enhance one’s enjoyment during bath time.

 The soap-holder stones enhances the bath thanks its special housing and a metal hook on which you can hang your towel.

Collaboration between SANS NOM & STUDIO SALARIS:

The collaboration allows the creation of innovative pieces like Beam.

Sans Nom is a creative studio with a deep-rooted focus on product design. With its work takes a radical approach and aims to discover hidden everyday details bringing their poetry into objects of use and research.

An exploration and redefinition of shapes characterised by a strong conceptual approach, balanced
with meticulous research for effortless functionality. Its founders, driven by a profound passion to create objects, choose not to sign with their names to underline the importance of their objects to speak in a pure form.

Studio Salaris calls upon a powerful and contemporary language to provide creative consultancy for companies interested in communicating their high aesthetic value.

The ambition is to deliver a customized support to help clients achieve an aesthetic expression of their brands. The mission is to give a personal and recognizable contribution that enhances the clients’ story and core values.

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Dimensions 145 × 75 × 57 cm

with, without

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