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Sliding Hinge Dishwasher

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Sliding Hinge Dishwasher by Signature Kitchen Suite – LES VRAIS

Direct Drive Motor: strong and silent.

The Sliding Hinge Dishwasher has maximum power, no noise. The Direct Drive motor is so quiet that you would never imagine how powerful it is. The door opens slightly automatically upon completion of the wash, to facilitate the drying process.


10 washing courses, 8 options.

Auto, Intensive, Delicate, Refresh, Eco, Turbo, Download Cycle, Machine Clean, Rinse, Express, Dual Zone, Half Load, Energy Saver, Steam, High Temp, Extra Dry, Delay Start, Control Lock: for every load and need there is a perfect programme. At the end of the wash, thanks to the Auto Open dry function, the door opens automatically to perfect the drying phase, especially for plastic.


PowerSteam Technology.

This option adds the use of steam during the cycle, in order to improve washing. Generated externally to the tank, it is possible to combine steam with the Auto, Deep Clean, Delicate, Refresh, Eco and Turbo programmes.



The moving arms that spray jets of water in four different directions allow for a more powerful and thorough wash cycle.



The adjustable rack comfortably holds plates of all shapes and sizes, ensuring a thorough clean


Appliance cleaning alert.

Every 30 wash cycles, a notification light automatically reminds you to activate the dishwasher-cleaning function. This cycle is activated when the appliance is empty, and eliminates dirt, odours, white marks and other residues. For best results, add citric acid or other detergents. Press and hold “intensive” for around 3 seconds to activate the function.

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Dimensions 60 cm