House by Bulthaup – AriakeZero LightingStellar WorksDavid Pompa

Location: Bruges, Belgium

Project Designer: Bulthaup – K-vorm Kortrijk

Products Designers: Keiji Ashizawa, Front Design, David Pompa, Note Design Studio, Jens Fager, David Rockwell

Pictures: Thomas De Bruyne

The contemporary interior of this house has been created in cooperation with Bulthaup.

Elements is a complete family originated from Note Design Studio´s fascination for the Nordic mountains and its light. Dawn, dusk, midnight sun. Glittering lakes, wilderness and flora. Elements simple shapes direct the light and well-balanced materials give the design elasticity and great usability. The Elements XL lamp really gives a homey look to this room.

project fog front design les vrais bruges

With no apparent light source, Fog looks like a flaming planet, a mystical hovering globe. The glass is blasted on the inside, graduated smoothly from completely covering the bottom to disappearing up near the metal socket, where the light source is well hidden.

project fog zero lighting front design stellar works

The Valet Seated Bench is a stylish and functional bench.The design is inspired by the roots of the word “valet” with its luxury and gentlemanly connotations updated for contemporary living.

project ariake sagyo bench keiji ashizawa

The gently inclined halves of the seat maximizes comfort and the Sagyo bench is equally suited for home and public spaces.

project ariake sagyo bench keiji ashizawa
project david pompa meta black

A timeless pendant lamp made from volcanic rock and coated aluminium. Both materials of the Meta black formed into cylindrical shapes emphasize a smooth yet sharp aesthetics with a monochromatic palette of tones.

Bulthaup Ariake Zero Stellar Pompa