Kismet – David Pompa

Kismet ChrismaDavid Pompa

Location: Knokke, Belgium

Project Design Studio: Chrisma

Product Designer: David Pompa

Be inspired by interior design in Knokke realised by Chrisma. Discover fine materials, unique combinations, and a surprising layout. The magnificent lighting was provided by David Pompa. His work gives life and warmth to the design of the interior.

The lighting next to the bed, named Can, combines heritage and tradition with a modern twist. The exquisite form and smooth finish accentuates the elegance of Barro Negro, the raw material used by David Pompa. Barro negro is a special clay from Oaxaca characterized by its black color that comes from the smoke during the firing process. The lighting in the bathroom on the background gives the interior and furniture another dimension.

Origo white, hanging next to the mirror, becomes the perfect complement of the iconic Origo. In this lighter version, fiorito transforms the tone palette into an equilibrium of light and fresh gray tones. A balance of round shapes that vary in weight and function. Perfectly suitable next to these white walls and black sink. A perfect sculptural object by day and a rich illuminated texture by night.

Kismet – David Pompa

Next to the mirrors, Origo White Wall, makes it appearance. Geometry in its purest form. Flipping horizontally, Origo´s wall light becomes a new element as it shines on the surface behind. The contrast of the materials becomes more evident, yet the light stone color allows a soft interaction. The opal glass illuminates the fiorito stone, uncovering its nature and character. A piec of craftmanship that fits perfectly in a bright fresh bathroom.