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Nouveau Tilting by Ex.t. Ex.t bathrooms.

Dimensions 220xh80x2 cm

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Nouveau Tilting by Ex.t

Nouveau is a collection of washbasins, cabinets and mirrors featuring geometric and sinuous lines, born from a balance of basic and classic shapes such as circles, semi-circles and parallelepipeds, which create a game of volumes in a succession of full and empty spaces. Freely inspired by early twentieth century Art Deco, the collection takes refined suggestions from that era and reworks them with the taste and sensitivity of a contemporary perspective.
Five mirrors featuring clean and simple lines refined by geometric brass details are elegant accessories to enrich Nouveau collection. Nouveau oval mirror stands out for its brass frame that extends over the glass surface turning into a small shelf as a delicate and functional detail.
The side mirrors can be moved creating a beautiful game of reflection.


Bernhardt & Vella

Bernhardt-Vella was founded in 2008 by the German designer Ellen Bernhardt and the Italian interior designer Paola Vella. The firm is based in Milan. Their starting point is research as a maieutic process, they take cues that can come from the art world, from the masters of the past as well as from architecture, and from this starting point they create their style, a recognizable style, but always personal.

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Dimensions 220 × 80 × 2 cm