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Flex Induction Hob

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Flex Induction Hob by Signature Kitchen Suite – LES VRAIS

17 power levels.

From the central area of the touchscreen, it is possible to turn on the cooking zones by pressing directly on the image depicting the relevant area and selecting the number from the scale of numbers from 0 to 9, with increments of 0.5 for each level. From level 0.5 to keep warm without cooking, up to the Turbo level to boil water, each level is associated with a type of food and cooking. A table is provided in the user manual.


Cleaning lock.

You can use this function when you want to clean the touch screen area of the hob, without the risk of activating cooking functions. To activate this setting, press the Cleaning Lock icon to lock the controls for 30 seconds. To unlock the controls, wait 30 seconds or press and hold the Cleaning Lock icon for 1 second.


Power from 3400 W to 6800 W.

The central Dual Zone delivers the power of 3400 W in normal mode or 6800 W in turbo mode. With 6800 watts of power, the 28 cm dual center element is the powerful center induction element in the industry.


Auto detection.

The Flex Induction Hob uses Intelligent technology to detect the position and size of the pot you are using; This allows you to adjust settings without having to specify an item.


Two Flex Cooking Zones.

When the Flex Zone are used in Full Flex mode, thus extending the surface of use to the entire side, the power delivered is 3300 W in normal mode and 3650 W in turbo mode.


Pre-set programs : S, M, T

S – Simmer, M – Melt, T – Turbo (cook quickly): Pre-set programs to easily activate three of the most used cooking modes. Without selecting the precise level it is therefore possible to access this easy setting.


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Dimensions 90 cm