Ex.t – Extraordinary bathrooms design made easy to implement.

By exploring new languages, Ex.t extraordinary bathrooms design pursues an idea of unconventional bathrooms featuring no ordinary products for those who are always on the look for something different.

At LES VRAIS we always found it a huge pity that typical bathroom supply shops do not offer anything truly beautiful. Interior designers are therefore obliged to design bathroom spaces to measure.

Hence, a lot of work is involved, as well as the need to trust contractors, craftsmen, material supplies and colour matching problems, which can lead to unhappy end customers.

In Ex.t we finally found the perfect solution combining top-notch design, quality and flexibility.

As an interior specialist you can simply download the 3D files, choose between a range of widths, materials, colours, all matching with each other.

The brass of the taps will be the exact same one as the feet of the bath. In addition, everything will simply arrive on site ready to install without hassle and complete with installation instructions.

Born out of partnerships with Italian and international design studios, the brand’s collections explore different styles with a contemporary twist and a unique, original aesthetic.

Bathroom desing Ex.t

Design, modularity and functionality are the key features of Ex.t products. Indeed, the bathroom is a dynamic space able to transform and renew itself continuously, meeting the needs of contemporary living. 

Moreover, Ex.t products are one hundred percent made by artisan laboratories in Tuscany, Italy and manufactures everything with the dedicated to carry on the tradition of Made in Italy through an ongoing innovation process.

Ex.t works with different architects such as Norm Architects, Marcante Testa and many more.

The story began in 1945 from the entrepreneurial intuition of Giulio Tanini. Since 2010, his grand daughters Ingrid and Azzurra keep that original spirit alive.

Finally, Ex.t is the latest evolution of a long history that has been living through three generations.

Today as yesterday, the challenge is still the same, to promote a new concept of bathroom that knows how interpret contemporary living at its best.